What does Elevate do?

Elevate Rapid City leads pro-business advocacy for the Black Hills and western South Dakota region. Investing in a strong presence within political and government processes is crucial in an effort to maintain and grow a pro-business environment. Building effective working relationships with decision-makers, Elevate strives to impact all levels of government: city, county, state, and federal. Some of the business advocacy and quality growth work include full-time lobbyist presence during the South Dakota Legislative Session, hosting events and forums to give voters access to elected officials, and policy education and outreach for business leaders in the region.

Elevate Rapid City

Public Policy Guide

Elevate takes pride in representing our regional business and economic development interests at all levels of government. Interested in what informs our decision-making? Review Elevate's annual Public Policy Guide to understand our messaging and policy statements on our priority issues.

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Public Policy Guide

Legislative Scorecard

Infrastructure, schools, safety, and amenities all play a crucial role in creating a community people want to live in. Without sound public policy to support growth and improvement in these areas, a community cannot thrive. This is why Elevate maintains a full-time presence in Pierre advocating for the region’s business community.

2024 Legislative Scorecard

2023 Legislative Scorecard

2022 Legislative Scorecard

2021 Legislative Scorecard

2020 Legislative Scorecard

Legislative Scorecard

We’re dedicated to building and fostering the kind of community that not only offers an outstanding quality of life for its residents but also instills a positive climate for businesses and economic development, and we’ll work diligently with government representatives to achieve those goals.

2022 General Election

Business Toolkit

Business leaders play a key role in making voting convenient and accessible. This Election Employer Toolkit includes a few resources, sample language ideas, and tips to help encourage your employees to engage in the democratic process.


Business Toolkit
2024 SD Election

Voter Guide

In addition to voting for candidates at the Federal level, you will also have the opportunity to elect South Dakota state representatives. One senator and two representatives from each district serve as citizen legislators in Pierre. Elevate Rapid City contacted candidates to ask about their campaign platform, policy priorities, and how they plan to support and improve local business economic development. Click to download the guide and use it to assist your decision making on June 4 and November 5.

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Voter Guide