Imagine doing business in a state with no corporate income tax, no personal income tax, no business inventory tax, and no personal property tax. If that is not enough to make you think about doing business in South Dakota, consider that we can offer you several financing incentives that make growing your business a reality.

South Dakota’s low cost of doing business and aggressive financing programs can have a substantial effect on your bottom line. When combined with incentives from the community, region and other sources, a Rapid City location makes good bottom-line sense.

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Local Incentives

Opportunity Capture Fund

Elevate Rapid City has the ability to tap into local incentive dollars for companies relocating/expanding and creating primary jobs in the Rapid City area. These funds can be used for a variety of needs, including training, infrastructure, equipment, and direct incentive grants for consideration on job creation.

Rapid Investment Fund

The Rapid Investment Fund has the flexibility to assist businesses with a variety of needs. It funds the financing gap between what a business needs to expand and what the business has secured through its lender or other sources. The Rapid Investment Fund may also be used to guarantee a loan.

Downtown Façade Loan

Elevate created a Downtown Façade Loan Program to encourage the revitalization of downtown Rapid City, to stimulate additional private sector investment in the downtown and surrounding area, and to help spur job creation.

Workforce Incentives

Relocate Grant

Highly skilled and qualified workers are harder to come by than ever. The Elevate Relocate Grant is here to provide reimbursement dollars for Black Hills area employers that bring talent from outside South Dakota to live, work, and enjoy the Black Hills.

Build Dakota Revitalize Grant

Revitalize the skills of your current employees or access talent as they learn your trade at one of the state’s four technical Colleges by harnessing the power of the Build Dakota Scholarship Industry Partners Program.

Local Energy Efficiency Programs

Black Hills Energy

Black Hills Energy has energy efficiency programs and offers economic development incentives.

West River Electric Association

West River Electric Association has energy efficiency programs and offers economic development incentives.

Locally Administered Incentives

West River Revolving Loan Fund

The revolving loan can provide small business gap financing, as well as help businesses develop strength to be eligible for bank financing.

SBA 504

The SBA 504 is a low down-payment, fixed interest rate, long-term loan to provide financing for fixed assets.


Through Rural Electric Economic Development (REED) this loan fund assists projects that promote growth and contribute to job, business, and infrastructure improvements.

State Incentives


The REDI Fund finances fixed assets – land, building, equipment (take-out financing only).

Tax Incentive-Based Programs

Sales and use tax rebates.

SD Works Program

The SD Works Program finances up to $1,000,000 in equipment, permanent working capital, interim construction (not permanent financing), fixed assets.

SD MicroLoan

The SD MicroLoan finances between $1,000 to $100,000 in equipment, fixed assets, permanent working capital at a low fixed interest rate.

Workforce Development Grant

Matching funds up to $1,000 per employee for training expenses for new employees or a new skill/upgrade for an existing employee. The minimum wage requirement is $15/hour.

Dakota Seeds

Matching funds up to $2,000 per intern (high school or college) for STEM or manufacturing and accounting internships. The minimum pay is $10/hr. Deadlines to apply: March 31st, July 15th, November 15th.